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A churchcrawler's look back at his travels in England between 2020 and 2022.


Thank you for taking a look at this website; a churchcrawler's album of photographs of our ancient and beautiful parish churches, during these challenging years.

This is a record of my travels, with observations from March 2020 onwards as to how the individual churches had adapted to the pandemic and the restrictions placed upon them. 

I am a practicing Christian, as well as a churchcrawler so it was particularly interesting to me to see how the churches were coping in these challenging times, as well as just enjoying the church as a historic building.

I will start off this record with several forays north, in to the Peak District. moving on to Oxfordshire just before the first English lockdown; ending with a foggy and frosty visit to Norfolk in December, starting up again in the spring of 2021 when restrictions started yo be eased. No visits were made during any English lockdown and visits inside the individual churches, where open, were all completed in accordance with pandemic safety guidelines, although I do admit that churches at that time were really open for private prayer for the local people only.  All visits stopped when my home city of Peterborough was placed in tier 4 shortly before Christmas 2020.

I hope that this make for an interesting historical record for future generations who might look back at this collection of photographs.

Best wishes,   Robin

Site Owner.


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Photographs on this page. Top line left to right, church open at Aunsby, Lincs; East stoke, Notts and sunset at Grimston, Norfolk. Below that on the right, monument at Burford, Oxfordshire. Immediately above, the exquisite church at Sutterby, Lincs and winter daylight fading fast at Swineshead, Bedfordshire. Below left, winter wonderland at Carsington, Derbyshire; below centre, gravestone symbolism at Newtown Linford, Leicestershire. Below right, the crucifixion at South Creake, Norfolk.


Below, a small selection of pandemicsigns seen during my travels. Left, wise words at Corby Glen, Lincolnshire. Centre, more wise words from Humby Chapel, Lincolnshire. Right, the politest sign ever at Swinsread, Lincolnshire.



Please click on the photograp on the right, to be directed to my other church photography site; this one looking at the village churches around Peterborough. This new page will open in another window.

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